Capstone Senior Adult Ministries

The mission of the Capstone Senior Adult Ministry of First Baptist Church of Chickasha is to encourage, enlist, and engage seniors to love all people to Christ and to multiply disciples.

Leading by Serving

As a senior adult, there are so many ways you can connect to the church here at FBC! Be it serving in the children's ministry, teaching a Sunday school class, or serving in the kitchen there are endless opportunities for you to serve faithfully and connect to find community.

Capstone seeks to help seniors find their place in community and  service, and encourages faithful devotion that leaves a legacy and example for the next generation of believers.

4 Pillars of Capstone Ministry

Capstone bases their ministry on 4 crucial pillars: Discipleship, missions, ministry, and fellowship. All these are biblical mandates and hugely important to successful ministry and the health of the church!

Capstone Leadership

Team Leader: Dennis Fredricks (Senior Adult Ministry Director)

Discipleship: Carol Griffin

Missions: Glenette Russell

Ministry: Barry Purdy

Fellowship: Pat Reeves (Activities) / Bryan Lynn (Care)

For questions or more information, contact Dennis HERE