We are currently underway in our Legacy Builders Capital Stewardship Campaign. We are asking the membership of our church to pray about what God would have them give toward the funds we need for Phase One of our master plan for facility renovations. In both Sunday School and in our worship service you will have the opportunity to make your pledge to the Legacy Builders campaign.   

The goal of the Legacy Builders campaign is to raise funds that we intend to finance for facility renovations. Although the terms of financing allow us ten years to pay back what we borrow, our desire is to pay off any debt much sooner than that. We are asking that members would pledge the amount that they are led to give over the next three years. Because our finances do not all work the same, some members may choose to pledge an annual or even quarterly gift while others may pledge an amount that they intend to give with each pay period. It is not equal giving but equal sacrifice that will enable us to meet our pledge goal. Whatever the gift and the terms of giving, we are asking for a three-year giving commitment in hopes that we will pay off the note on this phase of renovations in the short-term rather than in the long-term.  

You can make your pledge to give toward Legacy Builders by filling out one of the pledge cards. These will be located in your Sunday School department or as an insert included with Sunday’s bulletin. Once you have completed a pledge card, you may turn it in with your Sunday School class roll or drop it in the offering place at the end of our Sunday Service. You may also plan to stop by our church office during normal business hours to fill out one of our pledge cards.  

You can also give to the Legacy Builders fund through your offering - either by envelope or online. On your offering envelope, you can designate how much you wish to give by writing "Legacy Builders." You can also give online to the building fund by clicking here

Whatever amount you are able to give, you can be sure than your gift is an investment in the Kingdom that will leave a legacy that continues to have an impact well into the future. Together we can be Legacy Builders. We are asking you to pray about your gift because your legacy matters!